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Re: Wget 1.21 and PowerMac results

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Wget 1.21 and PowerMac results
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2021 11:26:41 -0800
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On 1/1/21 10:40 AM, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
tempname.c: In function 'random_bits':
tempname.c:90: warning: integer constant is too large for 'long' type
tempname.c:90: warning: this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90
tempname.c: In function 'try_tempname_len':
tempname.c:288: error: 'for' loop initial declaration used outside C99 mode

Presumably your compiler has a flag to enable C99-or-better mode. If not, you're out of luck: Gnulib assumes C99 nowadays. If so, please investigate why 'configure' did not set that flag.

With ancient GCC, 'configure' should try the -std=gnu99 option; why didn't that work for you? Please check your config.log to find out.

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