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Bug in wget 1.21.1 csum_btes_sum on 32-bit systems

From: Ian Reed
Subject: Bug in wget 1.21.1 csum_btes_sum on 32-bit systems
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 12:47:26 +0000


When using the command line parameter -Q 8071204435 with wget I am getting this 
error - Invalid byte value '8071204435' on a 32-bit ARM system.
I have traced this message to cmd_bytes_sum in src/init.c line 1374.

In this function it is failing the LONG_MAX test. However, the result is 
assigned to the variable place which is an int64_t.

Unless there's a reason I can't see for limiting the size of the result to the 
32-bit maximum on a 32-bit system then this looks like a word size issue and 
should be checking against INT64_MIN and INT64_MAX or similar.

Hope this helps,

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