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[bug #61140] wget 1.21.2 breaks metalink support on 32-bit x86

From: Michal Ruprich
Subject: [bug #61140] wget 1.21.2 breaks metalink support on 32-bit x86
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2021 07:57:24 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #61140 (project wget):

Hi Jan,

I was trying to build the new version and hit a problem with failing tests for
metalink. Is it possible that it is related? What was the thing that broke for
metalink in your case? Was it the build or the tests? I see metalink tests
failing only on 32bit arch so I thought it might be related but I was trying
to figure out what is going on for some time now and got nowhere.

The result of the metalink tests on 32bit is always the same(example is the
Test-metalink-http-xml.py test):

Retrieving from Metalink 'main.metalink.meta#2'
Error: Expected file main.metalink.meta#2.#1 not found..
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/wget-1.21.2/testenv/./Test-metalink-http-xml.py",
line 270, in <module>
    err = http_test.begin ()
  File "/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/wget-1.21.2/testenv/test/http_test.py", line 41,
in begin
  File "/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/wget-1.21.2/testenv/test/base_test.py", line 198,
in do_test
  File "/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/wget-1.21.2/testenv/test/base_test.py", line 217,
in post_hook_call
    self.hook_call(self.post_configs, 'Post Test Function')
  File "/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/wget-1.21.2/testenv/test/base_test.py", line 207,
in hook_call
  File "/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/wget-1.21.2/testenv/conf/expected_files.py", line
55, in __call__
    raise TestFailed('Expected file %s not found.' % file.name)
exc.test_failed.TestFailed: Expected file main.metalink.meta#2.#1 not found.

The main.metalink.meta#2 is downloaded but it stops there. Both the passing
tests and failing tests look similar and I was not able to figure out why this
breaks. Is it possible that this could be related?

Thanks for any tips I am really out of clues here.
Michal Ruprich


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