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wildcard and "--exclude-directories"

From: Jan Nagel
Subject: wildcard and "--exclude-directories"
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2021 22:03:39 +0200


I'm trying to mirror a website "https://server.domain.com/"; using GNU wget 1.21 
(on Debian 12, "testing").

I want to exclude the directory "https://server.domain.com/foo"; and all 
subdirectories of "https://server.domain.com/bar";, but I want all files in 
"https://server.domain.com/bar/"; to be included.

So I run:
wget --recursive -X "/foo,/bar/*" https://server.domain.com/

This doesn't do what I expect it to do:
The directory "https://server.domain.com/foo"; is excluded ... as expected.
Files in directory "https://server.domain.com/bar/"; are included ... as 
But subdirectories of "https://server.domain.com/bar/"; are included, too.

The man page says:
"-X list
Specify a comma-separated list of directories you wish to exclude from 
download.  Elements of list may contain wildcards."

How can I prevent wget from downloading subdirectories of 

Am I using the wildcard "*" in the wrong way?

Thanks for your help!

Jan Nagel

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