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RE: XBoard 4.9.1a OSX intel

From: h . g . muller
Subject: RE: XBoard 4.9.1a OSX intel
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2021 15:12:26 +0000

XBoard is 'internationalized', which means it should automatically adapt its language to the locale the host computer is set for.
There are no different versions for the various languages, just a single version that adapts automatically.

If your mac is not set for French, then there must be something wrong.

Op ma., nov. 22, 2021 om 16:07, Marek Szpakiewicz <marek007@pacbell.net> schreef:

I downloaded the program for mac.
When I opened it I realized that I have the menu in French.
Is there an english version available?
This is a very nice program I would love to use it.
Could you help to find an english version?



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