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[Bug-xnee] RE: XNEE problems / Questions

From: Burke, James
Subject: [Bug-xnee] RE: XNEE problems / Questions
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 05:56:47 -0800

Henrik - Thanks for the quick reply. I have copied the bug-xnee mailing list on 
this reply. 

Please see my "JB" comments below.


-----Original Message-----
From: Henrik Sandklef [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 6:10 PM
To: Burke, James
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: XNEE problems / Questions

Burke, James wrote:
> Henrik -
> Greetings. I wasn't sure where to post these problems / questions re: xnee as 
> I do not see a discussion forum on the xnee website.

i am not a forum person.

i am more of a offline email reader, so ML is "the thing" for me

> I have compiled the xnee code (--disable-gui, --disbale-doc, 
> --disable-gnome-applet) on 2 Intel based Debian Linux platforms (Linux 
> scorpion2 2.6.25-2-686 #1 SMP Fri Jul 18 17:46:56 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux) 
> and also on an ARM based Debian Linux platform. I am able to use some of the 
> basic xnee features like basic record/playback, but the features that I am 
> most in need of (synchronization and shell capability) do not work. They fail 
> similarly on all 3 platforms. I tried the latest version 3.02 as well as 
> version 2.06
> Sync problem
> To test synchronization, I followed the example in the Xnee manual:
> 5.1.5 Record a gnumeric session with synchronisation data
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Record a gnumeric session. Record 400 events. Save output in file
> gnumeric2.xnl
> Start a terminal emulator (e.g xterm) `xterm&'
>    Start Xnee
>         `cnee --record --keyboard --mouse --events-to-record 400 \'
>         ` --out-file gnumeric2.xnl\'
>         `--delivered-event-range Expose,MapRequest,LeaveNotify,EnterNotify  &'
> Start gnumeric `gnumeric&' Start using gnumeric. Browse the menus
> above, reset the fonts etc.
> But when I replayed, I received the following error message:
>                 Can't synchronise anymore .... Have to leave! 11-10
>                 Error number: 5
>                 Error: Synchronisation filure
>                 Solution: For more information on this error, please read the 
> manual(s)

I assume you record a Gnumeric session?

JB - Actually, gnumeric was not available. I used oocalc which is an OpenOffice 
JB - I also tried xcalc. Both failed with the synchronization failure message 
JB - Might the events to record vary based on the application? I tried 
recording all events 
JB - but the amount of data became too large.

Read this?


JB - Yes, I did read it. This section came across to me as more of a high level 
JB - not so much how to synchronize or what the cause might be of the sync 
error I received.

> Shell problem:
> I followed the example in section "5.8 Shell scripts using Xnee" of the xnee 
> manual. Part of that example included xnee_fake_key calls:
>                 Xnee_fake_key l
>                 Xnee_fake_key s
>                 Xnee_fake_key XK_Return

Try "Return" (and not XK_Return)  ......

Does it work, then one of us has made a woops in the docs.

JB - No, Return did not fix the problem.

> When I run the script, only the "l" gets outputted - the "s" and the return 
> do not.

>  I found that if I insert a "xnee_init_file" right before each 
> "xnee_fake_key" call, it works.

The example and the bash file you're sourcing states you must call the 
init function.

JB - I do call "xnee_init_file" at the start of the script:
JB -            #!/bin/bash
JB -            . ~/jpburke/xnee_code/xnee-3.02/share/xnee.sh
JB -
JB -            xnee_init_file
JB -            sleep 1
JB -            xnee_fake_key l
JB -            xnee_fake_key s
JB -            xnee_fake_key Return
JB -            sleep 1
JB -            xnee_close_down
JB - 
JB - As executed above, I only get the "l" output. If I insert an xnee_init_file
JB - call before each xnee_fake_key call then it works as intended - "ls" and
JB - return is typed in my xterm and a listing of files in the current directory
JB - is displayed. 

> My objective for using Xnee is to automate benchmark and performance testing 
> some of which is GUI based.
 > Since I need to run at a wide range of processor speeds,
 > synchronization is a requirement.

I'll try my best assisting you.

Would be great if we can move over to the ML: bug-xnee@

> Also, I need the script cability to fake user input and time how long
 > it takes specific tasks to complete.

This depends on what you define as a task. A window update? A line 
written in a canvas? A disk write? A program executed and exited?

JB - Tasks of interest would be things that a typical consumer
JB - might do on a netbook or smartphone. For example, open an editor,
JB - open a file, input text, save the file, searching the file
JB - for all instances of a word, browsing a file at a certain rate, etc.
JB - I'm looking for a way to automate this as well as be able to 
JB - measure performance for each of these tasks. Knowing when a 
JB - program is executed, window up and ready for input would also
JB - be required, as well as determing when the program is exited.

 > Are you aware of any other tools like xnee that would
 > meet my requirements?

Depends on the above

> Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> James


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