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Re: [Bug-xorriso] Acer Aspire V5-121 doesn't see USB ISO as bootable

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: [Bug-xorriso] Acer Aspire V5-121 doesn't see USB ISO as bootable
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017 11:07:37 +0100


uploaded is


  MD5 4dbeec98ae82e8e8009ea172e3c843ad

It offers the new -as mkisofs option to set partition type to 0x00:

  -iso_mbr_part_type "default"|number
      Set the partition type of the MBR partition which represents the
      ISO  or  at  least protects it.  Number may be 0x00 to 0xff. The
      text "default" re-enables  the  default  types  of  the  various
      occasions to create an ISO MBR partition.
      This  is  without  effect  if no such partition emerges by other
      settings or if the partition type is prescribed mandatorily like
      0xee for GPT protective MBR or 0x96 for CHRP.

It is to be added to the grub-mkrescue run as extra xorrisofs argument.

  grub-mkrescue ... -iso_mbr_part_type 0x00

or if it complains
  grub-mkrescue: invalid option -- 'i'
use the separator argument "--":

  grub-mkrescue ... -- -iso_mbr_part_type 0x00

(Please do not use http://scdbackup.webframe.org/xorriso-1.4.7.tar.gz .
 The server refused on upload today. So there is still the snapshot
 of 29 Jan 2017 at that location.)

Have a nice day :)


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