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Re: [Bug-xorriso] To Thomas Schmitt: how to go on, xorriso is installed

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: [Bug-xorriso] To Thomas Schmitt: how to go on, xorriso is installed
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 19:22:46 +0200


Adalbert Hanßen wrote:
> sudo blkid just shows the hard disks

It wants to read data to identify the kind of filesystem or device usage.
A blank CD delivers no data.

> The context menu for it (in the left column of Thunar) gives choice to
> unmount and to eject it.

It cannot be mounted in the meaning of Linux mount. No data, no mount.

> I bunned the CD. But that failed like on the W530!
> ** (xfburn:12359): WARNING **: [FATAL] 131357: SCSI error on write(32,16):
> [5 24 00] Illegal request. Invalid field in cdb. (0)
> That's the experience with the Sony disk on the T400 laptop.

Now that's at least a different SCSI error. The drive dislikes some part
of the third WRITE command. But again the burn preparations and the first
two WRITE commands were accepted.

Was this a surely yet unused medium ? (Not the one which appeared to be
blank after the burn failed on the other drive ?)

> Media blocks : 300 readable , 0 writable , 300 overall
> TOC layout : Idx , sbsector , Size , Volume Id
> xorriso : WARNING : Session 1 bears ISO image size 116632s larger than track
> size 300s   <<<======= What's wrong here? ========
> ISO session : 1 , 0 , 300s , BILDER_2019_04_17

Only 300 blocks were written. Among them block 16 which contains the
name of the ISO and its size.

> it is very unlikely that both drives are broken.

Same manufacturer, different models.
The error code from the T400 laptop makes even less sense than the
other one. Why did it accept the first two WRITE commands ? They differ
from the third only by target block address and by payload data.

> **What to try next?**

Well, if this was with the already touched CD, then re-try with a new one.
If it was already a new one, then i run out of ideas.

Try "Schreibmodus" TAO. Disable "Datenstromaufnahme".

Try "only create ISO" in Xfburn and then burn the resulting image file
by wodim:

  wodim -v dev=/dev/sr0 fs=8m -tao -eject padsize=300k image.iso


  wodim -v dev=/dev/sr0 fs=8m -sao -eject padsize=300k image.iso

Have a nice day :)


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