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Re: [Bug-xorriso] To Thomas Schmitt: how to go on, xorriso is installed

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: [Bug-xorriso] To Thomas Schmitt: how to go on, xorriso is installed
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2019 18:49:15 +0200


Adalbert Han├čen wrote:
> In this mail you wanted me to do a recording on the T400 Laptop.

The goal is to test Stream Recording on the T400's drive with a fresh CD-R.

The drive says it does not want this. Question is whether it indeed
throws an error on writing. My LG drive does not.

> How exactly?
> - With xfburn?

It would tell what i want to know if you make sure to have Stream Recording
enabled and that the error messages become visible.

> - With xorriso-commands?

xorriso could let your CD stay appendable and put checksums onto it:

  xorriso -for_backup \
          -stream_recording on \
          -outdev /dev/sr0 \
          -volid 'BILDER_2019_03_17' \
          -map ~/temp/'2019-03-17_Eselsburger Tal' / \
          -commit \
          -check_md5 fatal -- \
          -eject all

Do not forget to write the second parameter of -map: "/".

In the end watch for messages from -check_md5:
  Ok, session data match recorded md5.

(Normally i would not have proposed the command -stream_recording here.
 Omit it in normal operation.)

An add-on session would look very similar. Just -dev instead of -outdev
and different parameters to -map:

  xorriso -for_backup \
          -dev /dev/sr0 \
          -volid 'BILDER_2019_03_17__04_14' \
          -map ~/temp/'2019-04-14_Steinerne Jungfrauen' / \
          -commit \
          -check_md5 fatal -- \
          -eject all

(If you really plan to record several photo sessions then consider to use
 a different target directory for each:

   -map ~/temp/'2019-03-17_Eselsburger Tal' /'2019-03-17_Eselsburger Tal'

   -map ~/temp/'2019-04-14_Steinerne Jungfrauen' \
        /'2019-04-14_Steinerne Jungfrauen'
(Actually i would not encourage the use of blanks in file names.
 Quotation can become tricky in shell scripts.)

Have a nice day :)


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