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[Bug-zile] Please consider merging patches from my github fork

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: [Bug-zile] Please consider merging patches from my github fork
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 13:09:01 -0700
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Hi Reuben,

I've sent you some pull requests at github for more Mac OS
patches against lcurses and luaposix.  There're also some
changesets in my fork of malkia's luajit-zile repo that you
might want to merge back upstream...

It turns out that my module loading problems are mostly rooted
in the fact that 'make macosx' in a fresh Lua tree ends up with
you installing /usr/local/lib/liblua.a.  And before long, you
end up with a module or two that link against it... as well as
the copy statically linked into /usr/local/bin/lua. I'd thought
that the dynamic_lookup part of the final module command line
would make things behave sensibly... but google revealed that
other folks with similar troubles in the past have patched the
Lua Makefiles to ensure a dylib is installed, and that all Lua
modules should contain a reference to it (i.e. -llua in the
final link of every loadable module).  Sure enough, Zile and
my build project are both working much more reliably now.

I'm using the stock build of lua from homebrew, so I'm rather
surprised that it is subtly broken like this.  I'll try to find
the time to figure out how to get my patches back upstream to
the Brew package repository to save others the trouble.

I haven't had another look at lrexlib yet, but likely that was
only half the problem, and the missing regcomp.lo was the other

Gary V. Vaughan (gary AT gnu DOT org)

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