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[Bug-zile] Zile Lua update

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: [Bug-zile] Zile Lua update
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 22:01:18 +0000


As you can see from git, I've started to push the changes I made over
the summer & autumn on the C branch into the Lua branch. So far I'm
about a quarter of the way through by patch number, but I rather
suspect I'm much further along in actual work time, as many of the
more recent patches were not major developments and have already been
done on the Lua branch. (And of course there are plenty of tiny
patches and lots of configury updates which either don't apply or have
already been made on all branches.)

Fortunately, although I didn't have your most recent changes before I
went away, I didn't touch either main.lua or keycode.lua, so merging
was merely a matter of coping with the disappearance on master of

The code's only about 100 lines shorter so far, but the trend is
definitely downwards (the C branch lost getting on for a thousand
lines in total over those changes, although a lot of that was from the
introduction of garbage collection and hence has already been won on
the Lua branch). Some structured data types such as Line and Point
disappear as a result, which makes much of the code simpler (though
rather more computation-heavy).

I am going to push forwards to try to get the first beta Lua release
ready by the end of the month, incorporating all this work, plus some
C code to implement the new buffer type (Lua strings won't cut it when
the entire buffer is one string) and recommending LuaRocks for ease of

After that I'll have to look at ctypesgen-json/alien again to see
about fully dynamic bindings to C.


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