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Re: [Bug-zile] Merge from master finished

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: [Bug-zile] Merge from master finished
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 09:52:48 +0700

Hi Reuben,

On 28 ม.ค. 2012, at 6:34, Reuben Thomas <address@hidden> wrote:
> I have finished the big merge from master. I will make an alpha
> release ASAP, but now is the time to start beating on the Lua branch
> to make it releasable as beta and stable. (And fixing the currently
> failing test!)


I am otherwise engaged until 1st of Feb, but already made a start at
rebasing the zi branch as just the differences from the lua branch
as of 3 or 4 weeks ago, factoring out the various merges that have
been made in both directions since the branchpoint... I expect
finishing it is the work of about a day, and then rebasing to the
new HEAD after applying suitable parts (to fix the failing test etc)
to the lua branch should take only an hour or two.

Look out for all of that to land on Feb 3rd or so :-)

Gary V. Vaughan (Gary AT gnu DOT org)

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