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Re: [Bug-zile] Renaming tests

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: [Bug-zile] Renaming tests
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 11:51:04 +0000

Hi Reuben,

On 29 Feb 2012, at 19:41, Reuben Thomas wrote:
> On 29 February 2012 19:36, Reuben Thomas <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Gary, I see you've been renaming tests in the lua branch
> …and adding them too! Can we have the new tests in stable too, please?
> Might as well stay honest about how many bugs are left in the C.

Found a little time for GNU hacking today, so...

I cherry-picked all the tests patches from lua to master, after which
master now has 3 Zile failing test cases:


The first two were fixed in the lua branch by 07c644b, and which I
attempted to port to master with 903ce3a.  The idea is simply to make
\C-? a valid read syntax for 0x7f and then add global key bindings so
that we can use it in execute-kbd-macro without worrying about what
terminfo says about the kbs cap.  I've run out of hacking time again
before I could figure out why my ported patch didn't fix those.

The other one is a mystery, and doesn't fail on the lua branch, although
it uses \M-? inside execute-kbd-macro (the other two use \C-? and \M-\C-?,
so maybe I uncovered a new master branch bug with reading '?' inside 

Since you know your way around the C sources so much better than me, I'll
leave finding the right fix in your capable hands :-p

I also found a display bug in interactive mode on the C branch, but I'll
raise a new ticket at Savannah for that.

Gary V. Vaughan (gary AT gnu DOT org)

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