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Re: [Bug-zile] Zee anastasis in progress!

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: Re: [Bug-zile] Zee anastasis in progress!
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 23:57:11 +0100

Still going! The Zee command list is now as at parity with the C
version as I intend (I've left some extras in, and one or two out;
nothing major).

I have found some other things to do: I want to copy the C Zee
docstrings where necessary (extracting every last ounce of work I did
on C Zee!), and copy the C Zee keybindings (I had two sets, Emacs and
CUA style).

Before splitting off into a new repository, I also intend to complete
some more work which could be used in Zile/Zi (Zi is Gary Vaughan's
take on "Zee"), and hence which will be much more useful if it's in
the same repository. In particular, I want to generalize the use of
keymaps and the main loop to work with isearch and the minibuffer.
I've attempted this before in Zile, but given up because of the major
surgery required; in Lua Zee it's as easy as it's ever been and less
dangerous if it proves tricky. There are plenty of other more
revolutionary things to do, but they're correspondingly of little
interest to Zile, at least, and can wait for the move to the new repo.

This leaves only one interesting piece of work in C Zee which I won't
be migrating, namely the rblist-based buffer structure. I have some
ideas about reimplementing the buffer for editing really large files
and structured data, and persistent undo history/log-structured
editing, which may involve their reintroduction.

So, a new estimate of several days' work to redo the keymaps/main
loop. The only other work I intend to do on Zile (other than essential
maintenance to the C branch, which has also occupied me for a few
hours recently) is to make sure that Lua Zile works with all the
latest libraries (most of which I've made or caused to have made new
releases of in the last few days). In particular, I need to make it
work with Lua 5.2 and alien 0.7 (which introduces minor backwards
incompatibilities). Zile Lua will then NOT be up to date with all the
performance enhancements now in Zee, but they *will* be available for
easy backporting (or cross-porting to Zi).

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