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Missing files from /etc during build time.

From: Mats Erik Andersson
Subject: Missing files from /etc during build time.
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2020 12:41:58 +0100
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Hello there!

The Nixos recipe contains declarations to install three
configuration files from /etc, since they are needed during
the testing phase. I remember that the files used to be
installed, but now the declaration clearly does not work,
as is clear when reading logging reports.

Why? Could someone with knowledge update the recipe?
I do have a commit bit set for the recipe collection,
with the admitted self-restriction only to touch
that of Inetutils, but lack the knowledge to identify
the cause of the present state of affaires.

In addition, I would like to see installed a minimal
`/etc/passwd' able to successfully call getpwnam()
with the assigned owner of the build process.
That would make further test possible after building
of Gnu Inetutils.

On behalf of the Gnu Inetutils project,

  Mats Erik Andersson

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