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[Calendula-devel] OFBiz

From: Phillip Mills
Subject: [Calendula-devel] OFBiz
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 08:53:46 -0400

Hi, I'm new here.

As an introduction, I've been developing software for about twenty-five years and have an interest in non-profit organizations gained mostly by knowing someone who is closely tied to that sector. (My wife consults on issues of organization and governance.) As a result I'm very interested in seeing some sector-specific software exist that would help NPs move away from the cash drain of existing products. I also think there are major benefits for smaller NPs in taking control of their own data via software that's client-neutral.

Related to this, I've been paying attention to a number of projects. My first question is whether people here are familiar with the Open For Business project (<>). I suspect that if applications designed for non-profits were added to the OFBiz infrastructure there would be a good payback from being to interoperate with the existing and planned OFBiz applications.

I've traded e-mail with one of their originators on the general subject of non-profit customizations. Here's a portion of his response: "I think it would be neat to have some of the applications you listed below as part of the project. Membership management could most likely be managed as is through the Party Manager, and Event Management through the WorkEffort Manager. Tracking fund raising, awards/grants/etc, and so on would require some work that would probably be pretty specific to use by NPs, but still generic enough (in my opinion) to include in the open source project."

He finishes with:
"Anyway, it sounds interesting. Let us know what kind of project you are working on and how we might be able to help."

Whether or not there's any connection to be made there, I'm also interested in what's being proposed as features for Calendula and would like to help if I can.

Phillip Mills
Multi-platform software development
(416) 224-0714

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