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[Calendula-devel] Re: Calendula diagram

From: Darryl Caldwell
Subject: [Calendula-devel] Re: Calendula diagram
Date: 05 Mar 2004 16:04:11 -0800


This would go under the Admin workflow.

Migration of date is a fairly heavy issue. Until we get more developers
on board, I lean toward skipping it until we get wind in our sails. That
is with the exception of Tab-delimited or CSV text files from homespun
Access or FileMaker dbs of less than 10k records.

Any other thoughts along these lines.


On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 11:03, Mark Bucciarelli wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 March 2004 8:21 pm, Darryl Caldwell wrote:
> > Hi Debian-NPers,
> Hey Darryl,
> > I have whipped up a diagram of the Calendula Fundraising system interface
> > work flow. It is a bit crude, as I have no formal training in this type of
> > diagramming. Any comments are welcome.
> You asked for it ... ;)
> > It has been said that fundraising systems are the killer app for nonprofit
> > adoption of FLOSS.
> >
> >
> >From my experience with non profits (mainly small ones), their fundraising 
> mailing list is pretty core to their operations and therefor any changes to 
> how they maintain it is invasive and high risk.
> >From this perspective, one piece that is missing from your work flow is an 
> import action.
> Another possibility: consider making Calendula wrap around an existing 
> mailing 
> list database, so the user doesn't have to change anything.  Define an plugin 
> interface that Calendula calls to get address details--you just store the 
> fundraising stuff.  Then write one implementation of the interface for an 
> ODBC connection (or an Outlook address book, or Act, or Organizers DB, or 
> FileMake pro, or ??)
> Regards,
> Mark
Darryl Caldwell address@hidden
Fudo Systems
206/567-5802  "Free Your Computers!"

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