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[Ccrtp-devel] Common C++ 1.2.5 released tonight, updated status for 1.3.

From: David Sugar
Subject: [Ccrtp-devel] Common C++ 1.2.5 released tonight, updated status for 1.3.0, ccaudio plans
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 00:17:58 -0400
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GNU Common C++ 1.2.5 was released tonight. This release includes a few recent bug fixes, both for the URLStream class, and related to endStream()'s properly checking buffers before they delete them. I also changed to, as newer autoconf's are happier with this, and reconfig then cleanly rebuilt configure on Debian. In fact, this is the first new release I have tried distributing since our old production micro-server detonated last month.

Much progress has also been made in the proposed Common C++ 1.3 release, and all recent work in the Common C++ 1.3 (stable2) branch has been updated in public cvs this week. This includes a number of new convenience classes, including a complete Directory tree walker. Many other areas have been expanded as well, particularly in scheduler handling and other process management features that were not encapsulated within Common C++ before. I have successfully built 1.3 on HP/UX and have generally finished making the core class methods and common arguments 64 bit clean. I also added a placement object class that allows one to new and reuse deleted objects within managed "class String" memory.

There are a few small items still left in pre-testing for 1.3 before I will consider making an initial release generally available. However, if we do another test branch release in Bayonne, it will have been built using Common C++ 1.3 as it is very stable on core functionality. I am looking for suggestions for additional improvements and new features for GNU Common C++, whether for 1.3 or beyond...

Also new seperate releases of ccAudio will hopefully begin appearing shortly after GNU Common C++ 1.3.0 becomes generally available. These will be initially numbered starting at 1.3.0 as well. There have been many enhancements made in ccAudio functionality as part of the Bayonne testing branch, and these will be represented in the new stand-alone library. In addition, I do plan to build a new "audiotool" as part of a future 1.3 ccAudio release that will both test the library and make it's functionality immediately available as a shell command that can manipulate and process audio files for you in interesting and useful ways, such as performing tone detection and silence stripping on existing audio files, some audio conversions like sox does, etc.

The main questions that now exist in ccAudio is how it handles packet/frame aligned codecs, and how machine endian issues (such as found on ppc) effect processing audio frames for tone detect and silence/energy computations and/or that are processed through codecs for transmission or storage in fixed endian format audio files. To help in developing and testing framed audio operations in ccAudio in general, I have made it possible to optionally enable framed behavior in g.711 codecs and pure linear data. I hope that the new proposed audiotool will help extensivily in testing and debugging behavior in the future ccAudio releases, and in particularly for when testing ccAudio on systems that do not share Intel little endian machine representations.

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