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Re: [Ccrtp-devel] IPv6 support in ccRTP - iqueue problems...

From: David Sugar
Subject: Re: [Ccrtp-devel] IPv6 support in ccRTP - iqueue problems...
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 21:58:39 -0400
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Temporarily we could introduce an internal generic address object in ccrtp itself, and have wrappers representing the existing API that accept the existing InetAddress/IPV6Address objects, and then translate into the internal generic address type before calling the "real" function. The IPV6 accepting methods that translate could be wrapped in CCXX_IPV6 defines. This would also make the stack work for both ipv4 and ipv6 without breaking any existing external code, but we should look at how that would effect libzrtp.

Federico Montesino Pouzols wrote:

I checked in my changes for ipv4/ipv6 outbound packet handling, which
went very well, and thought I would wait for you to comment.

I would definitely do whatever requires the less amount of work. I wonder
if introducing a common base class for v4 and v6 addresses in cc++, and
using that for addresses lists would make it easier to solve the
incoming queue issue.

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