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Re: [Ccrtp-devel] CMake based configuration for ccRTP

From: Werner Dittmann
Subject: Re: [Ccrtp-devel] CMake based configuration for ccRTP
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 10:15:59 +0100
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I just committed a first working version of CMake files and cmake
specific RPM spec file.

These cmake files currently support:
- building of libccrtp1 shared libs (no static lib yet)
- creating a source distribution *.tar.gz
- install and uninstall targets in the make file
- building of binary RPM packages for runtime and development

The w32, doc, and the phone stuff is not yet supported.
The source RPM make target is enabled, but not yet fully tested.

Inside the cmake specific spec file I made some modifications
to align naming and remove inconsistencies, for example on my
system (openSUSE 11.2) I see the following names:

- libccrtp1 for the runtime package
- libccrtp-devel for the development package

I modified these to libccrtp1 and libccrtp1-devel

As an additional modification during the compile, link and install
process I changed the naming of the installable libs to better conform
to the standard naming: -> ->

The old naming scheme on my system is:
 /usr/lib64/ ->
 /usr/lib64/ ->


Am 19.12.2009 04:47, schrieb David Sugar:
> I am in favor of supporting cmake, especially if we can do it alongside
> the existing autotools.  Yes, we need to do this down the stack,
> including of course common c++ and there has already been one person
> experimenting with commonc++ cmake.  I also actually do want to use
> cmake in ucommon and sipwitch as well.
> Werner Dittmann wrote:
>> All,
>> during the last days I created files and functions to support
>> CMake based configuration setup. In a first step I did this
>> for the ZRTP extension because I know this best :-) . The
>> new CMake configuration cover the same functionality as
>> autoconf, but much simpler to handle. This includes
>> configuration, the full make targets and includes building
>> a RPM package . These files are already available in SVN.
>> I started to do the same for the ccRTP stuff. In my sandbox
>> I have already a working setup that creates the ccRTP lib and
>> creates a source distribution. Building a RPM package is the
>> next step (quite easy), then adding the demo directory (also
>> fairly easy).
>> I did this exercise because some (well, at least kdevelop4)
>> development tools do not support autoconf/automake anymore and
>> switched to CMake.
>> Both toolsets can live in parallel to simplify migration.
>> Question: would it be ok if I checkin the cmake stuff for ccRTP
>> also once I completed the above steps? Of course this is a first
>> working version only that should be enhanced over the time.
>> Regards,
>> Werner
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