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[Cgicc-help] cgicc and g++

From: John Boney
Subject: [Cgicc-help] cgicc and g++
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 08:04:10 -0600
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I just got cgicc and I'm having linkage problems with GNU g++. The "example.cgi" works just fine but when I try to use: test.cgi apache tells me I have an internal error or misconfiguration. When I try to compile the demos is when I have a problem and the compiler tells me I have undefined references and it won't link. If I use g++ test.cpp -c I get no errors but that's not what I want. If I use: "g++ test.cpp -o test" is when I have undefined references and linkage problems. I've tried: "g++ -o test test.o -L /usr/local/cgicc-3.2/cgicc/HTMLElement.h" but that doesn't work. I've tried different things but I'm just guessing and I think my problem is with g++. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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