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[Cgicc-help] Using variables picked up through cgicc in c++ functions

From: Fatima Talib
Subject: [Cgicc-help] Using variables picked up through cgicc in c++ functions
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2017 12:51:37 -0500

My name is Fatima Talib, and I am currently using the cgicc library in order to connect my front and backends. While cgicc is working in picking up the html form data I am sending through POST, it does not seem to be able to use the variables in functions such as ifstream and the find function for vector<map>. Weirdly enough, the variables can be printed and I can use string stream on them, but not the functions I wish to use. I have seen the CgiInput class reference and visited the documentation, however I have no idea how to use it, if it is applicable in this situation. If not, is there any other reason for it to not be working? Any enlightenment on this matter will be significantly helpful. 

Thank you so much,
Fatima Talib
Meyerhoff Scholars Program
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Class of 2020
(301) 335-7152

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