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[Cgicc-help] [help-cgicc] File upload memory usage

From: Martin Oberhuber
Subject: [Cgicc-help] [help-cgicc] File upload memory usage
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 19:29:16 +0200

Hello Dries, dear cgicc users and maintainers -

Like others before [1][2][3], I have also found cgicc to require
an unreasonable amount of main memory when processing
uploaded files. In my case (cgicc-3.2.16, gcc-4.8.1, ARM Linux)
a 100MB uploaded file required 300MB main memory.

I debugged the case and noticed that parseMIME() can
easily avoid one of the two string::substring() usages,
thus cutting down memory usage to 200MB. 

I didn't pursue it further than that, though I found Dries'
arguments about  copy-on-write in the string class very interesting.
I suppose that c++17 string_view would also be interesting.

I believe that my patch (attached) is simple, safe and
fully portable and solves at least part of the problem.
Could it be considered for a future cgicc release?



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