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[Chicken-announce] [ANN] CHICKEN 4.10.0 has been released

From: Peter Bex
Subject: [Chicken-announce] [ANN] CHICKEN 4.10.0 has been released
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2015 21:51:53 +0200
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Dear CHICKEN users,

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of CHICKEN 4.10.0
at the following URL:

This tarball has the following SHA256 checksum:

This is mostly a bugfix release, containing quite a lot of accumulated
bug fixes but relatively few new features.  Nevertheless, there are a
great many changes in this release since 4.9.0.  It has three security
bugfixes: for CVE-2014-6310, CVE-2014-9651 and CVE-2015-4556.

Another important security-related cleanup/improvement is related to path
expansion: many file procedures in CHICKEN used to automatically and
implicitly convert paths containing tilde ("~") characters to $HOME,
and expand shell variables.  This behaviour was deprecated in 4.9.0,
and has now been removed, in favor of the "pathname-expand" egg.

A few of the build variables have been renamed, so if you have a custom
build script, please review the NEWS file carefully.

Other notable changes:

* The performance of reading and writing SRFI-4 u8vectors has been
   substantially improved.
* Various bugs in the functors implementation have been fixed, making
   them better usable.
* chicken.h can once more be correctly compiled with a C++ compiler.
* The -r5rs-syntax flag has been fixed to enforce r5rs syntax.

For the full list of changes, see

Many thanks to all of you who have helped to test the release candidates,
provided bug reports, feedback and improvements.

Kind regards,

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