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[Chicken-announce] [ANN] CHICKEN 5.2.0 release candidate 2 available

From: Peter Bex
Subject: [Chicken-announce] [ANN] CHICKEN 5.2.0 release candidate 2 available
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 09:10:46 +0100
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Hello all,

The second release candidate for CHICKEN 5.2.0 is now available for

The sha256sum of that tarball is:


The list of changes since 5.1.0 is available here (which is the
same as that of 5.2.0rc1):

This release candidate fixes a few build issues found during testing,
and a proper bug that was filed and considered important enough to make
it into the next release:

- A code generation issue was found by Sven Hartrumpf, which caused the
  compiler to emit incorrect C code in certain very specific situation.
- The interpreter would crash on ",r" due to a declaration of flonum
  arithmetic which was invalid.
- The build on Cygwin was broken due to an invalid macro declaration
  of C_mkfifo().
- When compiling with an inline file for cross-module inlining, the
  compiler would insert calls to external static functions (#1665).

Please give this new release candidate a try and report your findings
to the mailing list.  Here's a suggested test procedure:

  $ make PLATFORM=<platform> PREFIX=<directory> install check
  $ <directory>/bin/chicken-install awful

If you can, please let us know the following information about the
environment on which you test the RC:

  Operating system: (e.g., FreeBSD 10.1, Debian 8, Windows 7 mingw-msys)
  Hardware platform: (e.g., x86, x86-64, PPC)
  C Compiler: (e.g., GCC 4.9.2, clang 3.6)
  Installation works?: yes or no
  Tests work?: yes or no
  Installation of eggs works?: yes or no

Thanks everyone!

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