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Re: #1727: chicken-install srfi-18 fails on Windows

From: Josh Helzer
Subject: Re: #1727: chicken-install srfi-18 fails on Windows
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 07:39:26 +0000

CHICKEN is already "built" - I installed it via Chocolatey, which presumably 
was configured correctly.  I have been able to install a number of other eggs 
correctly using "chicken-install {egg-name}", which is the syntax that I would 
expect in cmd.exe (as it is the same syntax one would use in e.g. bash).

At this moment in time, it is beyond my ability to fix the installation system, 
alas.  Given that several other eggs installed without issue, it would seem to 
me to be a per-egg problem, rather than a systemic problem with how I am 
working (although I might be mistaken about that)...

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On Friday, January 29, 2021 2:31 AM, Chicken Trac <> 

> #1727: chicken-install srfi-18 fails on Windows
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> Reporter: Josh Helzer | Owner: (none)
> Type: defect | Status: new
> Priority: major | Milestone: someday
> Component: unknown | Version: 5.2.0
> Resolution: | Keywords:
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> Comment (by sjamaan):
> Hi there! I think this isn't a SRFI-18 specific problem, but rather a
> `chicken-install` problem.
> It looks like you might have missed the CHICKEN build instructions from
> the `README` file:
> {{{
> - When installing under mingw, with a windows shell
> ("cmd.exe"), pass an absolute pathname (including the
> drive letter) as PREFIX and use forward slashes. If you
> are building the sources from git, use backslashes to
> specify the path to ``chicken' (the "CHICKEN" variable). }}} Note that this 
> requires you to use forward slashes, probably because of this issue. Of 
> course, if you can fix CHICKEN andchicken-install`
> specifically to make it work with backslashes that would be great too.``
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