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#1789: md5 egg doesn't run tests on the correct CHICKEN

From: Chicken Trac
Subject: #1789: md5 egg doesn't run tests on the correct CHICKEN
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2021 09:09:39 -0000

#1789: md5 egg doesn't run tests on the correct CHICKEN
 Reporter:  sjamaan     |                 Owner:  klovett
     Type:  defect      |                Status:  assigned
 Priority:  major       |             Milestone:  someday
Component:  extensions  |               Version:  5.2.0
 Keywords:              |  Estimated difficulty:  medium
 The md5 egg's test suite will fail if you call `chicken-install -test md5`
 when there is no `csi` binary in `$PATH`. I tried this just now while
 testing `5.3.0rc4` after installing it into a temporary directory.

 This means if the CHICKEN binaries *are* in `$PATH` but uses
 `PROGRAM_PREFIX` or `PROGRAM_SUFFIX` it won't work either.

 Worse, if the `csi` in `$PATH` is a different one from the one
 corresponding to the chicken-install being called, the results may be
 misleading - either failure if the one installed there is buggy, or
 passing tests if the one installed there works even if the egg that was
 just installed is buggy.

 I notice that there's a fallback to use `$CHICKEN_CSI` and `$CHICKEN_CSC`,
 but it appears that `chicken-install` only passes those options to the
 build script, not the test script.

 `run.scm` is already loaded from the correct `csi`, so for the interpreter
 I'd suggest just loading/including the test suite. But perhaps it's a good
 idea if `chicken-install` would export those same environment variables
 when invoking the test suite... And/or have some way to figure out how to
 call the chicken binaries by exposing them from a module? (but that would
 be backwards incompatible, so the test suite would need to deal with older
 CHICKEN versions gracefully anyway).

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