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[Chicken-users] string-ref problem

From: Joerg F. Wittenberger
Subject: [Chicken-users] string-ref problem
Date: 11 Jan 2003 20:30:49 +0100

Hi all,

I had more problems with string-ref and chicken.  Apparently it's
seriously broken.  I checked chicken.h in version 1.9 we have

#define C_make_character(c)       ((((c) & 0xff) << 8) | C_CHARACTER_BITS)
#define C_character_code(x)       (((x) >> 8) & 0xff)

1.10 shows

#define C_make_character(c)       ((((c) & 0xffff) << 8) | C_CHARACTER_BITS)
#define C_character_code(x)       (((x) >> 8) & 0xffff)

is there any reason not to change back?



The worst of harm may often result from the best of intentions.

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