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Re: [Chicken-users] System load

From: tonyg
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] System load
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 15:22:44 +0000
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> I doubt that this is the reason for the disappointing performance.
> I'm quite sure this is more an I/O-subsystem problem...

Almost certainly. chickenlib is very basic - it barely works, let alone
works *fast* :-)

Making the core chicken scheduler work with select() is probably the
best way of making things quicker.

Sorry to all that have tried to get in touch with me re: chickenlib
etc - I've been away recently - heads down working - conceivably I'll
have a bit of time to work on things sometime in February.

> I guess this is the right moment to overhaul the scheduler...
> But that needs care. What we need is a more efficient representation
> for ready and blocked threads.

Also better integration with select() and various styles of threading
combined with I/O. (I think chickenlib polls at the moment, there's no
way of really blocking on I/O...) Careful exposure of threading
primitives would help matters a bit... perhaps

        (thread-block! t)
        (thread-unblock! t)
        (thread-blocked? t)

or something... I can't recall what I wanted changed when I was doing
multiplex.scm, now. Damn, should have written some notes at the time.

We have to go into the jungle after them and rescue what we can. Just
remember to hang on to your sense of humor and don't let them
intimidate you.
  -, on academics in the humanities

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