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[Chicken-users] Previous CVS version

From: felix
Subject: [Chicken-users] Previous CVS version
Date: Tue, 06 May 2003 23:24:41 +0200
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I think I have introduced a bootstrapping problem (pointed out by Sven).
I had the harebrained idea to change `define-constant' in incompatible
ways, so everybody who uses the previously announced CVS version
is probably not able to build the system.

`define-constant' now evaluates the 2nd argument at compile-time.

If you experience any problems, use

It also fixes the `process-execute' bug found by Joerg and another
nasty compiler bug that caused inline flonum allocation to do
evil things to the C stack-frame (sometimes).

In return for my blunder I offer Oleg's SSAX as an extension library,

Oh, and I found a library for Allegro (the game-development library)
by Peter Wang, see the software page. Looks very interesting!

Soon to come: XML-RPC client/server library.


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