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Re: [Chicken-users] OpenGL library

From: Chris Double
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] OpenGL library
Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 11:35:11 +1200
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Hi John,

> Pardon my ignorance, but when you say "change code in the read-eval-print
> loop", what does that mean? I've been trying to understand what you can do
> from the REPL, and I'm not sure I've got it...

For example, when developing the nehe-tutorial.scm examples I was running in 
emacs using 'run-scheme' (which executed 'csi'), interactively evaluating the 
code. I'd have an OpenGL window displaying but the draw function wasn't 
working correctly. Modifying the redraw code, evaluating it (ctrl+x&ctrl+e) 
which sends it to the running csi, then making the window redraw caused it to 
redraw using the new code.

No need to exit the Scheme process and reload everything. Or the windows that 
have animation going I could change the draw code interactively and see the 
result immediately.

If I wanted to I could then later on compile to C using 'chicken' but I 
haven't tried this yet. I'm fine running things from the interpreter. Given 
that the OpenGL code is in a shared library it may be possible to modify it 
and re-load it into the running Scheme process without needing to exit it but 
I haven't tried this either.

When developing the OpenGL library I used SWIG to wrap the GL functions and 
put that in the shared library then developed the Scheme side of things 
interactively. When I was happy with that I then compiled that into the 
shared library as well.


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