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[Chicken-users] Problem building from CVS

From: Chris Double
Subject: [Chicken-users] Problem building from CVS
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 23:09:46 +1200
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When building from CVS using the chicken-1.10 to bootstrap I get errors if the 
C file already exists. For example:

chicken-1.10/chicken support.scm -quiet -debug-level 0 -optimize-level 2 
-include-path .  -output-file support.c -explicit-use
Error: (open-output-file) can not open file: "support.c"

support.c exists from a prior build. If I delete it and re-make then the 
compile works fine. But I have to manually delete each existing C file. I'm 
pretty sure I didn't have to do this in prior releases. Am I doing something 


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