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[Chicken-users] (CVS commit) Version 1, Build 11

From: felix
Subject: [Chicken-users] (CVS commit) Version 1, Build 11
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 09:43:03 +0200

Sat Jun 14 09:23:05 2003

- extras.scm: the first argument to `read-string' is now optional
- runtime.c: interning of empty string referenced uninitialized memory
- posix.scm: I/O on ports returned by `process' is now fully nonblocking
- posix.scm: `errno/wouldblock'
- files loaded via the `-extend' compiler option are also searched in the
  current include-path
- `##sys#call-with-direct-continuation' and `##sys#direct-return' (they
  might turn out useful)
- lolevel.scm: `unbound-variable-value'
- posix.scm: `file-read' didn't check the buffer argument early enough
- extras.scm: `write-string'
- csi doesn't use the lolevel unit anymore
- `chicken-setup.c' was not up to date
- added BOOTSTRAP_PATH to, this simplifies the invocation
  of make when bootstrapping the system from CVS sources
  [Thanks to Peter Keller]

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