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[Chicken-users] new OpenGL egg

From: Daniel B. Faken
Subject: [Chicken-users] new OpenGL egg
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 17:08:38 -0500 (EST)


  I'm new to chicken, but it would appear somethings wrong with either 
build 1.30 or the example with the OpenGL egg:
  glut .scm contains:
;;;; glut.scm


__declare(export_constants, yes)
__declare(substitute, "^GLUT_;glut:")
__declare(substitute, "^glut;glut:")

typedef int GLint;
typedef float GLfloat;
typedef double GLdouble;
typedef int GLenum;

/* Display mode bit masks. */
#define GLUT_RGB                        0
#define GLUT_RGBA                       0
#define GLUT_INDEX                      1
#define GLUT_SINGLE                     0
#define GLUT_DOUBLE                     2

  but the example makes reference to glut:DOUBLE.  When I run this under 
'csi', it says glut:DOUBLE is unknown, but it can recognize glut::DOUBLE - 
so it would appear the 'substitute' is operating twice: first converting 
GLUT_DOUBLE to glut:DOUBLE and converting this to glut::DOUBLE..

  Anyway, thanks for the chicken!

Daniel_Faken *at* brown *dot* edu

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