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[Chicken-users] a couple of questions about foreign functions

From: Valentyn Kamyshenko
Subject: [Chicken-users] a couple of questions about foreign functions
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 20:05:34 -0800
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a couple of questions:

- in the chicken code, the Scheme strings seem to be never created on
the stack. Are there particular reasons for this? I mean, is
smth. wrong with the following piece of code:

(foreign-lambda* scheme-object () #<<EOF
char buf[13+sizeof(C_header)];
memcpy(((C_SCHEME_BLOCK*)(void*)buf)->data, "Hello, world!", 13);

- are there advantages/disadvantages of using foreign-lambda* instead
of ##core#primitive function in terms of performance or they are more
or less equivalent?

- can I call error routines from C code (that is, inside
foreign-lambda*, for example)?

Thanks a lot,


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