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[Chicken-users] Help: how to survive -visit's sudden demise ?

From: Miroslav Vodslon
Subject: [Chicken-users] Help: how to survive -visit's sudden demise ?
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 11:53:38 +0200 (MEST)

Felix, thanks for Chicken! I've been using it for work. I am 
implementing an XML->HTML forms translator + a CGI program to receive 
filled-in forms data.  Because of various constraints, the whole 
project is practical only with something like Chicken. 
Up to Chicken 1.33, I used -visit a lot to let the compiler know about 
macros defined in huge 3rd party sources which intermix macro and 
procedure defs, such as slib and ssax. 
Then I switched to 1.43 to get some new eggs (the debugger) and 
replaced -visit with -prologue in all Makefiles. The generated 
executables work but have stripped sizes like 15MB instead of 5MB 
My questions: 
Is there a better way than -prologue (except delving into the 
"visited" 3rd party sources to reorganize them, which I would do only 
under extreme circumstances) ? 
Concerning the reasons for -visit's withdrawal, I was able to find 
only this (somewhat terse :-) note in the announce of version 1.38: 
"removed all stuff related to `visit'". 
Is -visit coming back, perhaps? Am I missing something? 

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