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[Chicken-users] ranked # 21 in Google

From: Cindy Walkers
Subject: [Chicken-users] ranked # 21 in Google for ftp port
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 15:41:15 -0400

Hi! I was just doing some research online, and came across your site while 
searching in Google! for ftp port. Your domain, ranked 21...which got me thinking... 

I publish a site about Internet - Web Hosting. We've got a very strong 
following, primarily because we only produce informational content, since you 
also produce a quality site in this category, I'd like to link to you. I get a 
pretty good amount of visitors to my property, so if I link up to your site you 
should benefit from a traffic standpoint.

Please take a look at my site when you get a chance -- I think you'll find it 
to be knowledgeable and tasteful. If you like what you agree, please link to it 
-- I'll send you all of my info on your request.

I've already linked to you to get the ball rolling. I'll keep it up a few days 
until I hear back from you, so please respond at your earliest convenience. 
Thanks for your time.

Cindy Walkers
RAC IM: 1359415.

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