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[Chicken-users] ssax egg

From: Bruce Butterfield
Subject: [Chicken-users] ssax egg
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 17:11:53 -0700
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After some discussion with other SSAX users a while back, a change to the input parsing code (core.scm in the chicken port) makes it thread-safe which is very important to my application. The default code uses a static buffer which as you might suspect doesn't work at all well in a multi-threaded environment. The updated code replaces input-parse:init-buffer as follows:

(define input-parse-buffer (make-parameter #f))

(define input-parse:init-buffer
  (lambda ()
      (let ((buffer (make-string 512)))
        (input-parse-buffer buffer)

This code is slower than the default static buffer; perhaps someone could think of a clever runtime mechanism to use one mechanism over the other???

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