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[Chicken-users] (CVS commit) Version 1, Build 52

From: felix
Subject: [Chicken-users] (CVS commit) Version 1, Build 52
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 00:16:12 -0400

Thu May 27 00:21:40 2004

- is copied into csc.scm (or csc.scm wouldn't be found)
- eval.scm: `set!' allows assignments to keywords [Thanks to Mikael]
- support.scm, optimizer.scm: inlined lambdas with empty rest list generated 
invalid code [Thanks Daniel B. Faken]
- chicken-setup: doesn't assume ".so" anymore for compiled extensions, 
`install-extension' silently
  handles ".so" extension on Windows [Thanks to T. Kurt Bond]
- library.scm: the third argument to `substring' is now optional
- `-l...' is passed to linker
- csc: .i files are passed to swig and passed on to chicken or the C compiler; 
-swig passes options to SWIG directly
- hen.el: added a few kewords for highlighting
- runtime.c: removed C_alloc_in_heap, since the continuation can not be saved 
and will be invalid if GC should occur
- compiler: rewriting rules for `string-append' and `substring' in unsafe mode; 
removed some unneeded variable
  initialisations from compiler.scm
- added `custom-declare' declaration and processing of `.csc' files to 
compiler/csc for doing weird post-compilation
- easyffi: `typedef ... *ID' is allowed
- posix: `user-information' returns 7 * #f, if the user can't be found [Thanks 
to Peter Wang]

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