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[Chicken-users] Pushing events between C++ and Scheme + timers

From: Joel Reymont
Subject: [Chicken-users] Pushing events between C++ and Scheme + timers
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 18:18:45 +0000

Fellow Schemers,

I have 3 event-related needs:

1. I need to push events from C++ to Scheme 
2. I need to push events from Scheme to C++ 
3. I need to setup timers within Scheme that would also generate events

I could have C++ call a Scheme function and have the Scheme function
return data. This would cover 1 and 2 except I would need to pass a list
of events back into Scheme. 

Sometimes I need to pass events from Scheme to C++ this could be one
event or it could be a few.

Last but not least, I need to generate an event (i.e. do something) when
a timer expires. All my processing could be done in a blocking fashion if
it weren't for timers. 

For example, I would set up a timer while waiting for player action and
if the timer expired I would assume that the player is dead and fold his
cards (this is poker) and force him to leave the game (remove him).

I would also set up a timer after enough players gathered for a game,
just to wait and see if someone else would join. If there's still enough
players after the timer expires then I would start the game. Otherwise I
would go back to waiting for players.

My main loop MUST run in C++ as for my server I'm using a C++ networking
library and for my GUI client I'm using SDL which has its own event loop
as well.

Something I could do is set up two queues (lists?) in Scheme, one for
incoming events and one for outgoing. My scheme code would then run in
some sort of a thread, polling the incoming queue and posting events to
the outgoing queue. C++ would poll the outgoing queue and post events to
the incoming queue via a Scheme call. 

Writing Scheme bindings for the networking library and for SDL could be
another option but I'd rather try to set up a thin C++ to Scheme
interface layer first as it would let me focus on the application logic.

Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance, Joel

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