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[Chicken-users] New snapshot, two new eggs

From: felix winkelmann
Subject: [Chicken-users] New snapshot, two new eggs
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 22:39:46 +0100

Hello, everybody!

A new development snapshot (1.85) is available here:

You can also fetch the current darcs repository here:

(there is currently a small bootstrapping problem with SRFI-14,
so you'll need the tarball anyway)


- csc addes -feature chicken-compiled-static, as suggested by Thomas
- Alex Shinn added optional arguments to regexp to handle case-insensitive,
  space-insensitive and utf-8 sensitive matching (not completely available
  on all regex engines - see the manual)
- eval-when has `compile-time' and `run-time' specifiers
- `define-macro' is available in evaluated code at run-time (as
suggested by Michele)
- The `chicken-home' procedure has been added
- The easyffi bug that Thomas has reported is fixed
- `define-method' allows qualified argument specifiers mixed with
unqualified ones
  (the old version ignored qualifiers after the first non-qualified arg), so
  "(define-method (foo (x <CLASS>) y (z <ANOTHER-CLASS>)) ...)" will
be treated as
  "(define-method (foo (x <CLASS>) (y <top>) (z <ANOTHER-CLASS>)) ...)"
  (this is been reported by Joel, and is needed for SWIG)
- many other small things I can't remember.

Dominique Boucher's wonderful LALR parser generator is now
available as an egg. The browse tool by Michele and Ed is now available
as "browsedoc" (sorry, I couldn't think of a better name).

Oh, and my minimalistic 112-line wiki for collecting useful code snippets
has been set up here:


Contributions, like useful code snippets, examples, weird hacks, benchmark code
and results, rants, insults, or anything else you can think of is very welcome.

Beware though: it's pretty new and not extensively tested.


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