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[Chicken-users] spiffy and the egg system

From: Sunnan
Subject: [Chicken-users] spiffy and the egg system
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 03:17:46 +0100
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I'm getting confused on spiffy. Is the egg still there? I think I
might've gotten a "bad egg" - is it an extension, or is the
documentation just out of date? I grep the *scm files for start-server
but find nothing. (It also complained that it couldn't find noop - I
defined it as a function that just returns #f.)

Yesterday I got start-server running (after doing (require-extension
spiffy)) but today I just get

"Error: bad argument count - received 1 but expected 0"

Yesterday, when it ran, I also got a couple of:

"thread thread1456 terminated with exception: can not compile regular
expression: ("^([\\-A-Za-z0-9]+):[ ]*([^ ].*)$") (string-match)"

errors. I think there might be an extra slash there.

thanks, Sunnan
(and, by the way, are the eggs available in darcs, or do you just
upload new versions as they come?)

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