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[Chicken-users] [Ann] SchemeScript 0.4.0 released

From: Dominique Boucher
Subject: [Chicken-users] [Ann] SchemeScript 0.4.0 released
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 13:42:29 -0500


12/21/2004 - Scheme 0.4.0 has just been released!


*** Version 0.4.0

- When errors occur in the interpreter, error locations can be
  analyzed and hyperlinks added to the console window

- Added an action to load the current document in the interpreter
  as well as the associated context menu item

About SchemeScript
SchemeScript is a Scheme/Lisp editor plug-in for Eclipse. It is part
of the SchemeWay project.

The goal of this plug-in is to provide a robust Scheme/Lisp editor to
the professional Scheme/Lisp developers who also happen to use Eclipse
for Java programming. Also, the plug-in can be subclassed and extended
to provided custom editors for Scheme/Lisp-based languages.

SchemeScript provides the following features:

    * customizable syntax coloring;
    * correct, customizable, automatic indentation;
    * S-expressions-based editing à la Emacs;
    * Parentheses matching and highlighting (with support for square
    * mouse-copy;
    * content assist (code completion, text hovers, context information);
    * Find Definition (pressing F12 on a symbol will jump to the
      symbol's definition, if it is defined globally);
    * Find Symbol (pressing Ctrl-F12 pops up a dialog box for
      selecting one of the globally defined symbols);
    * header/chapter/section style comment insertion, with the outline
      view showing the document structure; 
    * a Scheme perspective;
    * generic integration with any Scheme interpreter.

The update site is located here:

Dominique Boucher, Ph.D.
The Scheme Way Project

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