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[Chicken-users] Further information on not-a-procedure application in co

From: Tony Garnock-Jones
Subject: [Chicken-users] Further information on not-a-procedure application in compiler
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 15:42:10 +0000
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The fault (if it is a fault, and not something stupid I'm doing with the SDL code) is also present on Debian linux x86. I tried compiling the SDL code with:

  - chicken 1.79, from CVS
  - chicken 1.86, from darcs

The 1.79 compiler built the SDL .so without complaint. The 1.86 compiler died in the same way as the 1.86 compiler died on MacOS X, which I detailed in my previous message.

I'm currently going through a 'diff -u3 -r' of the two checkouts to see if I can spot any suspects.


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