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RE: [Chicken-users] chicken-static is not really static

From: Andrey Fomichev
Subject: RE: [Chicken-users] chicken-static is not really static
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 17:09:01 +0300

> I take it you are trying to build a completely static version of the
> compiler to move it do a different linux system, yes?
Yes, exactly.

> Here is what works on my SuSe system. Since you have an older
> Chicken version, some object files are probably not needed. Execute
> the following in your chicken build directory:
> $ gcc -static -o my-chicken-static chicken.o support.o batch-driver.o
> partition.o c-backend.o c-platform.o compiler.o optimizer.o easyffi.o
> .libs/libchicken.a .libs/libstuffed-chicken.a .libs/libsrfi-chicken.a
> -lm -lpcre
Thank you very much. It works fine. I was confused why chicken-static
depends on system libraries when -static option is given to gcc. As far
as I understand in original Makefile chicken-static is assembled
from, and That's
the only difference I've found between the command you've suggested and 
the command from the original Makefile.

Best regards,

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