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[Chicken-users] gtk and chicken

From: Sunnan
Subject: [Chicken-users] gtk and chicken
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 10:34:01 +0100

Tony (and I'm cc:ing chicken-users, anyone who can answer, please do),
I've been meaning to start working on gtk 2 bindings for chicken for a
long time. I've made some progress in trying to compile your old,
abandoned codeā€”one fix I had to make was to split gtk-types up into
several smaller files since it was so long that it broke chicken's 126
argument limit.

I also have big problems with creating a GValue with gtype-from-name. Is
it really a fundamental type? (I don't really know gtk that well.)

Anyway, I know you've more or less abandoned this code, but regardless
of whether I'm going to start from scratch, or going to use your code,
I'm wondering how to get started. What docs did you use, and how did you
get going? And any help in the GValue question?

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