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[Chicken-users] lightning, expat and darcs repo

From: felix winkelmann
Subject: [Chicken-users] lightning, expat and darcs repo
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 21:53:31 +0100

Hi, folks!

Some new eggs:

- lightning - an interface to GNU lightning (very lowlevel)
- expat: an interface to the Expat XML parser

News in the darcs repository:

  - `define-method' handles #!optional/#!key/#!rest (but doesn't
specialize them)
  - easyffi: allows `C_word' as type; `___callback' is now called
`___safe' (`___callback' is
    still allowed, though)
  - `foreign-callback-lambda[*]' and `foreign-callback-wrapper' have
been renamed to
    `foreign-safe-lambda[*]' and
    `foreign-safe-wrapper', respectively. The old names are deprecated
(but still work)
  - renamed `autosetup' to `' and made it more verbose
  - tinyclos: `port' argument to `print-object' and `describe-object'
is now optional
  - fixed bug in optimizer that caused unsed unused arguments to
callbacks defined with
    `define-external' to be removed
- Patrick Brannan provided a bugfix and a new, more compact output-routine for
  the test-infrastructrue ('output-text-compact')
- `-emit-external-prototypes-first' option (and declaration) for
emitting prototypes
  for callbacks defined with `define-external'
- tinyclos: `instance-of?'
- posix: `file-link' [as suggested by Sunnan]
- extras: `collect'
- ffi: `foreign-primitive'



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