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[Chicken-users] defstruct, matcher, numbers

From: felix winkelmann
Subject: [Chicken-users] defstruct, matcher, numbers
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 22:40:26 +0200


Three new eggs are now available:

- defstruct: An alternative record facility, by Dorai Sitaram (most noteworthy
  is that the constructor takes keyword arguments instead of positional

- matcher: Dale Jordan's port of AvTs pattern matching facility for SRFI 57

- numbers: bignums, exact rationals and complex numbers (uses gmp, complex
  operations mostly taken from Thomas Chust's complex egg). This should work
  ok on the current chicken, but to read/print extended number types, you'll
  need the current darcs version, or alternatively try the newest
snaphsot (1.935)
  Also, this extension stresses the finalizer handling quite a lot, so
getting the
  newest chicken is really recommended.
  The numbers egg is currently in beta stadium - bug reports are welcome.

- Also a few fixes to various eggs

(BTW, we have 99 eggs now. Who's going to submit the 100? ;-)

Note: the libstuffed-chicken and libsrfi-chicken libraries have been folded into
libchicken. This simplifies and speeds up the build, increases
startup-times (I think),
and removes the ugly "libtool relinking" warning during installation.
It is recommended
to removed lib[u]stuffed-chicken.* and lib[u]srfi-chicken.* from your library
directory (usually /usr/local/lib) and _reinstall_ all your eggs.


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