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[Chicken-users] Chicken 2.3 - How to compile statically with eggs?

From: Samuel Jenkins
Subject: [Chicken-users] Chicken 2.3 - How to compile statically with eggs?
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 18:11:34 +0200 (MEST)

Hi all!

First of all... I've ported the Chicken runtime to the handheld Linux
console Gamepark Holdings GP2X-F100. But my cross-compiler (gcc 4.0.2) has a
different libc than the GP2X firmware, so to get my executables to run in
the console I have to link statically.

I want to be able wo write a program, test it thoroughly on linux i386 using
'csi' and then cross compile it statically to the GP2X, without having to
modify it. But I am clueless about how to compile statically a Chicken
program with their required eggs.

I've tried to run a 'chicken -extension' on all required modules, then a
'chicken' on the main program, that has the corresponding
'(require-extension)' directives on top, and then running 'csc -static' on
the resulting .c files. And it was unsucessful, the program shows an error
if the required eggs are not present in the same directory.

I've tried during two days of getting this static egg compilation working
but now I'm really clueless and frustrated. What can I do? Should I have to
switch to using 'dirty' (include)'s ?

Thanks in advance,
   Sam 'XhyldazhK' Jenkins.

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