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Re: [Chicken-users] unified bootstrap

From: felix winkelmann
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] unified bootstrap
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 23:10:11 +0200

On 9/4/06, Brandon J. Van Every <address@hidden> wrote:

them.  I will do the changes above, but I don't want a bunch of large
surprise extra things I need to do, due to changing design
requirements.  Especially if those design requirements are "would be
nice" instead of critical features.  I'm serious about my lack of time
for Chicken right now.  My goal is to hit the milestone of a unified
build and kick it out the door, so that real in-the-field use of CMake
can start happening.  I'm not interested in that project being delayed
inevitably because oh this would be nice, and that, and then that....

In the future, I'm not willing to be put in the position of things
getting added to the Autoconf build, then the CMake build has to chase
Autoconf.  The chasing has to go the other way around from now on.  I
have the expertise to make Autoconf changes now, so I'm not saying
"people have to do things for me."  I'm saying, design requirements need
to consider CMake first, and not as an afterthought.  I'm sure it'll
take some time, Felix, before you understand both builds as well as I
do.  Meanwhile, I'll do what needs to be done, so long as things aren't
just "dropped in my lap," so to speak.

Ow - harsh words. Ok... let me think... What I need:

- fully workable build (cmake/autotools) on Linux and OS X, both from
repo and tarball
 (doesn't work yet) - I can try to assist here
- tarball creation via cmake - including unsafe library files (precompiled) and
 csi/chicken-profile/chicken-setup/csc in precompiled form, since I want to
 work on making chicken more useful for cross-development; it also speeds
 up the build
- it should *always* be possible to do
 % ls
 main.scm chicken.h library.c runtime.c
 % cat main.scm
 (print "hello, world!")
 % csc -tx main.scm -uses library
 % gcc runtime.c library.c main.c -o main -lm  # or the Win32-equivalent
 This means, the base system without any bells and whistles is able
 to be wrapped together with minimal external requirements and command-line
 magic (seems to work fine, but has to be kept in mind when thinking about
 generated headers or build-generated #define's)
- At some stage PCRE has to be built into chicken - but, to remove some
 pressure, I decided to do it later (after the next release); I
expect to be able
 to integrate this myself, though (I have to be, anyway)

I don't know of anything particular - it is also rather difficult to anticipate
what a complete cmake-based build has to fulfill, since much is just taken
for granted currently.



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